May 2016
The space is packed and buzzing, haze hangs in the air. The crowd’s excitement and expectation is palpable. Barely Methodical Troupe have gathered a sizeable following since their first show Bromance at the Edinburgh...

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Mar 2016
Alice Allart, the creative driver behind Bikes and Rabbits, has been handpicked by creative producer Crying Out Loud as a rising star of circus arts, with a penchant for playing with circus and theatricality....

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Feb 2016
Inspired by the true stories of women in the 1960s forced to give up their children under pressures from the church, family, or community, Vamos Theatre present a visual narrative of one woman’s journey...

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Dec 2015
I Loved Her tells Jessie Cave’s true story about making a baby with a one-date wonder, and salvaging a relationship from the fallout. Part character comedy stand up, part live art with cartoon masks...

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Aug 2015
Complicite have built a reputation as master visual raconteurs. Their body of work has almost come to define the term physical theatre as they have etched a unique style that fuses physicality with a...

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