The Honest Truth

August 12th, 2022 by

Black Sheep, Head Set, Musclebound, and Boy: Four very different shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2022, from autobiographical solos to docu-theatre, that explore identity and tell true-life stories – as witnessed by Dorothy Max Prior  A Black woman in a boldly patterned dress is sweeping the floor, moving a psychedelic carpet of orange and pink […]

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A photo taken during a live high-street performance of Frock, an outdoor dance work by Stopgap Dance Company. A crowd of audience watches as a suited dancer stands on the spinning wheel of another dancer’s wheelchair as they lay sideways on the floor. Other suited dances duet and a tall male dancer with short black hair stands beside and wears a pink top and floral skirt.

Growing Together

August 2nd, 2022 by

When outdoor arts, disability arts and inclusive practice come together: Lily Norton explores how Stopgap Dance Company, Greenwich+Docklands Festival, and the Without Walls consortium are working to bridge the gaps Two o’clock in the afternoon on Woolwich High Street, South-east London.  A pulsing drumbeat blares from speakers, driving forward the footsteps of Saturday shoppers. The […]

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Read My Lips

August 1st, 2022 by

From Ru Paul’s Drag Race to Sadler’s Wells main stage, Dickie Beau to Thick&Tight, Lane Paul Stewart reflects on the use of lip syncing and pre-recorded voice in contemporary theatre and performance – citing his own and other artists’ experiences.  ‘It’s time for you to lip sync for your life!’ These words have become quotable […]

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Girls and Boys Come Out to Play – Reykjavík Fringe 2022

July 31st, 2022 by

Sex-bomb robots challenge notions of femininity, a trio of peacock men vie for the audience’s adoration, and an ensemble of women performers explore what it is to be male… Dorothy Max Prior samples some of the dance and physical theatre programme at the Reykjavík Fringe 2022 The opening night of the Reykjavík Fringe 2022. There’s […]

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We Are Family – Reykjavík Fringe 2022

July 26th, 2022 by

Dorothy Max Prior goes to the Reykjavík Fringe 2022 and encounters a thriving community of artists from Iceland, from other Nordic countries, and indeed from across the globe – a 90-show extravaganza held over ten days, all  lovingly pulled together by festival director Nanna Gunnars and her dedicated  team   ‘Mostly, I’m excited to be meeting people,’ says […]

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